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Welcome to the The Broski Revoultion WikiEdit

Kenshi here----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Talkin about amazing stuff to earn yo respect points every week.

We Deal with the Unattended matters of society's Funny section

and of course your personal matters as well as ours.

Simply adding a Blog or Funny Video

Because we care (To An Extent
Okay face

And as long as you READ and Stick to both the rules and laws and we won't have to ask you to leave like

This Guy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Kenshi89 03:53, January 14, 2012 (UTC)

Being A BroskiEdit

What does being a broski mean? A broski is the top of the social food chain. By having connections with broskis, you will open up more doors to the future then ever before. A broski is the highest rank of friend, therefore allowing more things to be done without worrying about outside judgement. If someone questions you say, "Nah, we're just broskis." They'll know. Why the word broski? Why not?

THE BROSKI CREED! As Broskis, we pledge our allegiance to one another. Through the brightest days and the darkest nights, we shall walk together. In sickness and in health, we shall party hard. All Broskis are made equal and shall be treated as such. This is the code of the Broskis.

Kenshi89 23:51, February 11, 2012 (UTC)

What The Broski Rev DoesEdit

'Simple Explanation : We deal with various topics mostly humor but any topics brought up by our users (personal or not) problems or solutions needing different perspective or just every day topics / funny stories or experience.'

By the way if this wikia ever gets adopted please notify the (Founder =Kenshi89)Edit

Because if anything I would love nothing more than to stay and help in any way that will improve this wikia whether or not it is changed but please let me know click any of the links that say (Kenshi89) or ( and inform me through my (Message Wall or Email) Thank you!

Join Us Today All New Broskis Welcome Please Read This!Edit

After you complete your page/profile please leave a message on my talk page -----> Kenshi so that I can give the proper welcome and answer any questions you may have about the wikia and what to edit.

Kenshi89 06:05, January 31, 2012 (UTC)

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