Minutes ago I received a phone call but this one set a new record in my book of Wrong Number Phone Calls it went something like this.


("I took it out only to find that the number was private")

Me:("I answered the phone")

Women's Voice: "Hey Baby, I love you."

Me: ("I know I shouldn't have but I did")

Me:("I love you too Lisa")


Women's Voice: "Huh....Lisa O_O"

Women's Voice: " (Angry Now) "Who the F**K is Lisa huh Tony huh.... who's Lisa"

Me: "Like I said ("I know I shouldn't have but I did")

Me: Lisa....Lis....

Women's Voice: "Yeah Mothaf***a thats what I said!

Me: (Sighs makes sniffing noises) Then I hung up!

Kenshi89 01:54, February 8, 2012 (UTC)